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How can I curl my hair . . .?

My hair is naturally super straight, and thick. and I always get accused of straightening it. But I want very very curly hair. But it won't stay curled with heat, it will fall out in about 2 hours, so how can I get very curly hair without heat? or rollers, cause they don't work either. Is there any way I can keep it curly without hairspray? The most waves I've ever had is with a braid in my hair all night, it seemed to hold the best, is there any type of braid or something that will make my hair curly?

I got a perm last year, (and it didn't do anything to my hair except damage it)

Any help is appreciated.How can I curl my hair . . .?
1. after you have a shower put some mouse on it then put it in a bun (wavy) or plat (curly) when its wet.

thats what i do because im not alowed to curl/straighten my hair with heat.

hope it works for you!

and happy easter!How can I curl my hair . . .?
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There are products to keep the curls, try applying them before using the rollers.
u can curl the hair with the help of curly instrument when ever u use it ur hair curl for long time if we want good look then use a hair cream those are prepared by a repoted company name AMWAY and cream name is dainamite after use it u change the experiances ...

Hair Help.Trying to Curl my hair!?

I have natrually curly thick frizzy poof hair. I straighten it all the time so its really dry and damaged..How can i curl it with a curling iron ive tried but it allways gets crimped and the end..don't say to braid it while its wet because i dont have white girl hair it doesnt work! also rollers are nnot an optionHair Help.Trying to Curl my hair!?
What you should do is go to sally and pick up so relaxer no a perm and so rollers. Make sure the relaxer is DR.Miracle. Get some plastic rollers. add the relaxer in hair comb it. then put the rollers in hair and sit under hair dryer for like 20 to 30 min and rise out. then place what type of hair spray you use in your hair.Hair Help.Trying to Curl my hair!?
if your curling it with a curling iron and its getting funky at the bottom that means you have to much out on the end and you need to go further down with the curler
Well I would go to your local hair salon and ask her what her suggestions are!! I hope I helped!!
I have the same kind of hair as you. Before, i'd always want to leave my hair curly but it gets all frizzy. But then I tried using a curl enhancer gel and just scrunched my hair up. :] The only downside to that is your hair gets really stiff. But at least it looks good.

How to get my hair to hold a curl?

I have longish hair that it very thick and pin-straight and flat down to my ears where it starts forming soft waves and gets kinda bushy and frizzes at the ends. It's of medium texture, not coarse but not super soft either. It's cut into a sort of shag that's layered all different lengths all over with the shortest layer at my chin. For some reason, it doesn't hold a curl. I have tried curling irons, hot rollers, regular rollers, putting it up in little buns, curling it when it's not washed, all to no avail. When I use a curling iron I spray it with good quality hairspray first and then curl it (I've tried all different sized barrel curling irons). I get a decent curl for about two minutes and the it starts falling out until I just get sort of a weird flip at the end. In the mean time I don't touch it or anything, it just does it by itself. I've tried both rolling my hair with the curling iron and winding my hair around the barrel. Both produce the same result. I've also tried using a flat iron to curl it with worse results than the curling iron.

Same thing with any kind of rollers, even if I sleep in them.

I scrunch my hair to bring out the waves all the time but this gives more of a messy wavy look than a good curl. (By the way, for some reason with me, scrunching my hair with a diffuser makes the wave fall out rather than adding to it. Anyone know why that is?)

Anyone know why this is? Or good ways to curl stubborn hair lol :)How to get my hair to hold a curl?
after you wet your hair , let your hair dry.....get a small section of hair at a time and use a curling iron, curl your hair then use a grandma roller and put it up, do that with the hole hair can get those rolling curl at sally beaty supply, but don't get the smooth one ok, that don't hold your hair every good...hope it work for you..

How do I thickin African American hair?

have fine African American hair and I can't wash my hair. Is their Anything I can do.I was trying to curl

Y hair under tight but I couldn't with a flat iron because my hair was getting thinner by using a chi is there. Can I use roller to thickin my hair. Their medium size rollers. I wonder how they would look with rollers. Any tips without using thickining shampoo ectHow do I thickin African American hair?
Is your hair naturally thin or has it been thinned out due to breakage and chemicals like relaxers? If the former then you might be able to take hair vitamins, I heard they can thicken hair strands, I don't think permanently, though. If your hair is unnaturally thinning then I suggest you either stop relaxing or stop using so much heat (flat irons).

No, rollers will not thicken your hair strands. You can tease your hair and it might *look* thicker.

How to keep the curl in my hair overnight?

Hi, I just recently got my hair done...and I got it cut sort of short and layered.I am african-american I though the curl would stay in my hair but overnight it just completely flattens, even though I wrap it. I really do not want to flat iron it everyday to curl it. But with this cut, it must be curled or i will look weird. Should I sleep in some rollers? Or should i put rollers in the morning? and then like shower...then take them out? Should i not even wrap it? Just put a cap over it?...How to keep the curl in my hair overnight?
sleep with soft rollers on and wear a hair net or shower cap over itHow to keep the curl in my hair overnight?
Hair curlers.
Hair net
you can curl your hair with a curler and it will last till the next day depending on the curler you have

i like hot topics..
I would put rollers in before you shower in the morning. The humidity in the shower is going to dampen your hair and help it to pack down. They run a blow dryer over the rollers before you take them out to get out any moisture. You should be good to go.
my best solution to your problem would be to curl them as best as you can during the day so you they dont fall out and then hairspray them to keep them in hold.

when you go to sleep put the in rollers or in a cap but try your best to sleep on your side you dont flatten them too much.

(putting your hair up in a bun sometimes helps because it keeps the bounce..)0

in the morning, once quick spray of hairspray(recommended) or gel and then your done!
soft hair rollers and a silk bonnet

How to put curlers in your hair?

i want to curl my hairwithout using hot rollers, curling iron, etc...

I want to curl my hair with curlers. Can someone show me howHow to put curlers in your hair?
put the roller (preferably the ones a bit like velcro) at the bottom of your hair then role it up. this is much easier when your hair is damp and will ahve a better result. do this to all the bits you want to curl then leave them to dry. you can do this naturally or use a hair dryer.
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  • How to curl my hair????????????

    I have really straight hair and I'd like to curl it. I don't get frizz or anything.... and I trid to curl it one time with rollers and it didn't work...and I'm not sure about curling irons because they damage your hair and I don't know how expensive they are.... please help!! :)How to curl my hair????????????
    If you have a straightening iron, watch this.鈥?/a>

    Or this:鈥?/a>

    If you don't, then you can always go to bed with braids.

    You could also scrunch. Just take a shower, towel dry your hair, then get some hair gel and scrunch it.

    If you are going to use a flat iron, always remember to use heat protector so that your hair won't get too damaged.

    Hope I helped!How to curl my hair????????????
    if you want a change go for it just remember curling irons do burn up your hair but it does look pretty whatever floats your boat
    Culing Irons can be as low as $20 each and if you apply something to your hair before it can prevent too much damage. (Try Sedu Smoothing Heat Protecting Boost = abotu 13 dollars) that protects your hair when using curling irons,

    Ive used rollers before but they dont work that well - the curling irons are best!

    Good Luck!! =)

    Try curling it again with rollers, but this time use hair spray and it should stay, at least a bit.
    curling irons don't damage your hair like you think...its ok to use them.

    and if you go to walmart or something they have good curling irons for like $20.

    Spray some hairspray on the piece your curling then hold the curling iron on it for a while then when you take it off spray some more hairspray on.

    and then repeat it.

    hope i helped :)
    the other day i bought a vidal sassoon coil iron

    and it works really good. its similar to this :鈥?/a>

    my best friend has really straight hair that sounds just like yours,

    and she can never get hers to hold curl but this works wonders and

    i curled her hair under 25 minutes, and it held up all day (: